How To Use eSharing!

eSharing is a fun & easy way to share your moments with the people you care about, for Work or Relax!

Step 1:

Select as many videos and photo as you want, without limits, from your camera roll or your photoalbum.

eSharing iOs App

Step 2:

Send your photos and videos via Mail, Facebook and iMessage or copy them for use into other app or print them wireless!

eSharing iOs App


Click on the "Settings" button and select the compression quality for your photos, or active video compression.

eSharing iOs App

Although you can select all the images you want, be careful not to overdo it, you may be unable to send it to because you have exceeded the maximum threshold of 19.9 MB for the attachments of the email account most used (Gmail, yahoo, etc).

Please contact us : if you have further questions.