App Crashing, what can i do?

If your device has iOs 6 or iOs 7 installed on it, you'll need to give eSharing permission to access your photos.

Go to:

iPhone/iPad Settings --> Privacy --> Photos -->eSharing and set "On".

Now you'll be able to choose existing pictures from your gallery.

If the issue is not fixed, you can kill app in background or delete the app and reinstall it again.

Don't recive Email.

Why my destination doesn't receive my email ?

Probably the max that you can send is between 10 and 20 Mb. Check the limitation of your email provider.

About iMessage.

Can I attach video in iMessage ?

Apple doesn't allow the external apps to add video in iMessage app.

Can I reply add photo directly to iMessage without making "Copy" ?

We don't have ability to access to the contents of your inbox text from our app.

About WhatsApp.

Can I attach photo and video in WhatsApp ?

Coming soon.

About DropBox

Can I attach photo and video in DropBox ?

Coming soon.


Do you store my photos album in your servers ?

We are trasparent, we don't store anything online.

Please Read our Privacy file.


Please contact us : if you have further questions.